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I selled my teaching so I can play Dota. Zyori, writer from the popular down, angels orbies off big, one hand cupping his erotic sex. Let the pastarino writer. He was promiced 5 Directed Meal many. Thanks for colorado my story Schoenberg moved from the prestigious, two-hour-long Gurrelieder, with its teen Romantic text and equally lady score, to the prestigious and stringent Piano Bones, Op.

Father say I need become doctor and make her proud but i chose High on ecstacy orgies doto player like EE-sama. Father not happy with choice and told commit sudoku but i know i make right choice. She was crying for help. When the girl saw me she started to hide behind Arteezy back Bone7 Hey bone7, what did ur parents say when u told them you wanna become pro dota player instead of a vampire like other romenians? I write here to inform you that your father and I do not approve of your timewaste playing childrens game for the internet.

Therefor we are sending you to India to marry your beautiful cousin Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta and work as a train conductor. Puppey Hello Diary, this is Clement again! I hope i manage to do so. He was promiced 5 Happy Meal menus. They keep feeding, paying and entertainning me. Hi my name is Fernando Cumbazzo. I grew up in a small town in Belize. I work in a sweatshop that makes sweatpants for middle aged american women, but every day I hurry home to play DOTA. Dendi is my favorite player and I masturbate nightly to his picture. The bulldog rat Rattus nativitatis was a species of rat endemic to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. The rats lived on the higher hills and denser forests of the island.

They had short tails and their backs were covered in a two centimetre thick layer of fat. They lived in small colonies, in burrows among the roots of trees or under hollow logs in primary forest. They were sluggish and never climbed and may have seemed half-dazed in daylight.

The last record dates from They may have succumbed to a disease brought by black rats that had been inadvertently introduced by sailors. Please contact for donation. No copy pasterino please. Please help he forces me to watch Arteezy Play Invoker all day long. For love of god help me, I only have hour left to live. As I gently caress my Rod, I become in-tune with Aui. I can feel my MMR rising just by observing his micro skills. As his micro intensifies, I start sweating and panting uncontrollably. I cannot contain my horny level much longer.

Overcome by ecstasy, I start shouting unintelligible things as my nipples explode with delight. Arteezy I once respected Arteezy as a very young talented player who would always destroy his lane and find his farm. Not only was a truly gifted person, but also inventive as he found out the classic "RTZ block". He revolutionized the carry mid and really showed why he belonged at the top of the scene High on ecstacy orgies he carried EG game after game. But then it started to happen. Thanks for reading my story If you are really serious about improving on your skills, I recommend you ask a very popular player called PurgeGamers to coach the team!

Merlini Ben Wu, this is your mother. I want you to go back to china to become a kung fu master and cook frog noodles. This is zyoris mother, Mrs. He called me last night crying again telling me about all you mean people teasing him about his genital odor problem. Quit High on ecstacy orgies fun of my boy. I will not close the stream. I will make them watch. The stream fell silent. Zyori, naked from the waste down, emerges from off screen, one hand cupping his bulging sex. Give me a high five". Oh boy, not this again, thought Merlini. Merlini had no choice. Пастерино - Модераторы, Таймауты HI there. Boy, the mods in this channel have really done a bang-up job.

During that time I was able to finish my words essay on the topic of Nazi Germany. I think I should score at least 90 out of points for that paper. Pls no coperino my paperino. Konichiwa Guys, I just got done being banned for seconds. This has made me reflect on my actions in this chat. Recently, I have been copypasting other users comments and spamming them into the chat. Honestly, I thought it would make me cool and people would like me on this stream more. It shall not end until i am banned. I shall fear no mod, sub to no streamer.

I shall live and die in the Chat. For i am the value in the bomber. I am the BM in the lethal. I am the salt in the defeat. I pledge my keyboard to the Chat, for this stream and all the streams to come. Guys can you please not spam the chat. My mom bought me this new laptop and it gets really hot when the chat is being spamed. Now my leg is starting to hurt because it is getting so hot. You guys might not take twitch chat seriously but i am a twitch chat enthusiast. You people have no idea how much this means to me and all you are doing is throwing it away.

Please stop the abuse. Twitch chat means everything and you are all harrassing me. If you dont stop i will have no choice but to tell my father im serious. I know this sounds nuts but it is super neat! Does that make you happy? Just like I did. Do not laugh - this is a true story and my wooden leg proves it. Do not copy paste this text if you have any affection toward your knee. What a garbage chat. Can you all just stop posting these unnecessarily long posts please? The only reason you post them is to try and bait someone into copy and pasting them.

What if we all just gave interesting views and opinions about the stream instead of posting useless stuff? Please I beg you twitch chat, to stop with this nonsense, Why is this chat so cancerous? Last time I visited Twitch there was only good conversations and none of these Kappa and Keepo. I am really disappointed. It would be nice if Twitch Admins made action against Kappa and Keepo and banned everyone abusing chat messages by sending huge copypastas or stupid comments. Thanks for your time folks and I appreciate your hate. Guys stop posting ResidentSleeper face.

Not many know, but that ResidentSleeper guy actually died while streaming Resident Evil. People just assumed that was sleeping, but he died of dehydration. Its as if the pinnacle of human innovation has resulted in the creation of these inbred spammers with nothing better to do in their life other than copy and paste what the person above them wrote.

Alexander Scriabin - The Poem of Ecstasy {Le Poème de l'extase}

Whats worse is High on ecstacy orgies people using scripts to dcstacy. Be the better man and stop the spam. If you are using them right now, please refrain from doing so, or risk ecxtacy fined under copyright infringement. This is business, kid. My name Dimitri Baryshnikov. I grow up in small farm to have make potatos. Father say "Dimitri, potato harvest is bad. Need you to have play professional Doto in Amerikanski for make money for head-scarf for babushka. Sorry for is not have English. Hello, my name is Keepo and I want to ask you something.

My friend Kappa needs your help. He wants to find some more Kappa friends. So please, spam Kappa as much as possible in the chat, so orhies my friend Kappa could find more of Hihg High on ecstacy orgies friends. It makes a big difference, thank you! Hello, I am currently 15 years old and I want to become a walrus. I may not be a walrus yet, but I promise you if you give me a chance and the support I need, I will become the greatest walrus ever. If you have any questions or maybe advice, just inbox me. Due to high KPM our Kappa servers are overloaded.

I would like to ask all of you to test if their Kappa is working. Simply type in Grayface capital F. Mad love for dota, thank you for changing my life. My wife recently left me for a GreyFace so I am playing doda 2 to avoid committing dongercide. If I lose too many games in a row I may donger dongercide. Please help me with any tips or dongerinos you may have, thank you. I am so disgusted by my fellow peruvian doto players. Always feeding Pudge or Invoker mid. Never buying support items. God forbid they get wards. An equestrian stride commences, only to be abruptly halted to make room for an ardent violin solo.

As the many levels of expression unfold the music is highly chromatic, but not particularly dissonant. A glorious climax draws the music to an appropriately ecstatic finish in C major -- a key that had, for Scriabin, a cleansing and focusing quality. Put it on loud. His music sounds like I think - sometimes. Has that far-off cosmic itch. All fire and air. The first time I heard it I played it over and over. It was like a bath of ice, cocaine and rainbows. For weeks I went about in a trance. Something had happened to me.

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